Your "Relationship" With Food

Diet. The term itself makes me cringe. Think about it for a moment. The typical diet is terminal in nature, it has a beginning and an end, then we are we left asking what?

All too often this is what I hear or have encountered during my tenure in the fitness industry. Everyone wants to join a gym, everyone wants to get in shape, everyone wants to be genuinely healthy, but few lack the commitment and consistency. Not in going to the gym mind you, that part is easy and oftentimes it is described as boring. The commitment and consistency I speak of revolves around their so called "relationship" with food. There is no such thing. Robb Wolf put it best: If you have established a pattern (consciously or subconsciously ) of moralizing food the food you eat, you are likely going to have a rough time with this change. (Robb Wolf, Wired to Eat 2017) He goes on to relay four important points:

1. You cannot "cheat" with food.

2. You "eat" food.

3. There are consequences for what we put down our pie hole.

4. Thats it.

(Robb Wolf, Wired to Eat 2017)

Just because you may have not eaten 100% "clean" on one day does not constitute a sign of weakness or failure on your part. Get back in the saddle and just MOVE ON!! That one transgression is not a reason to throw in the towel and quit!!! Take responsibility (it was your choice after all) and let it be what it was and know that you must dial back in. Thats it.

You have relationships with people. Your family, your friends, your colleagues. You don't have a relationship with food, you just eat it. Now choose wisely, eat good Whole Foods, start cooking again or recruit the assistance of Transform Meal Prep, and reap the health benefits long term!!

- Shane Arnott , Owner

Aegis Team CrossFit

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