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Friends call me Vicko,

I started meal prepping in 2010 as a solution to my need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Back then I was on my 3rd year of Med School in Mexico City. Busy schedule and fitness enthusiast was not a good combo and meal prepping was the solution to stay accountable. Back then there was no fancy containers like we have today; it was old fashion fridge full with big bowls and containers; long short story my life went to drastic transitions for the next years, I ended up in Yakima.  I started meal prepping for friends and family members out of my home and as demand grew Transform MP became a real business.

Since then I been part of many businesses and projects in town. Those that been around me know how friendly and positive I am. It has always been a passion to help others and thats the main and only purpose of TMP. To educate and help people achieve their goals by sharing the secrets of nutrition as well as hacks ive learned along this years and last but not least by making nutrition convenience providing ready meals and food in your doorstep.

Anyways, you definitely need so sign up to the site and have full access to everything TMP. I like to share lots of valuable info, deals, etc. I only do it for all my members. Plus this journey is just getting interesting, and I have a few trick under my sleeve you won't want to miss.



Vicko  Munguia


P.S. Be on the lookout for my future emails, I want our relationship to start out great and what a better way for you to get to know me than to tell you about the crazy things I’ve put myself through in the past and some recents. One more thing! Add me on SNAPCHAT 👻 ! Haha See ya!

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